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The Genesis Center of Winder is located at 206 East Broad Street | Winder, Georgia, 30680. 


Co- Founders Debi and Christine Bradley are a mother and daughter team, these two women set out on a mission to end the stigma associated with addiction and Medication-Assisted Treatment. The Genesis Center was created with that goal in mind. At The Genesis Center we strive to bring hope and dignity back into the life of anyone struggling with addiction and to be a clinic free of judgement.

 Debi Bradley, has over 20 years experience in the recovery industry. She is a Certified Behavioral Health Technician and a MAT Certified Specialist with a Bachelors in Behavioral Health.

After spending years battling addiction, admitting into 4 inpatient rehabilitation centers over the span of 5 years, and relapsing within just months of graduating every inpatient program, Christine Bradley sought to find a better treatment for opiate addiction than "abstinence" based recovery. Christine found her own path to recovery through Medication-Assisted Treatment and brings an invaluable perspective to The Genesis Center team. She truly believes that treating a medical disease with a medical solution is the gold standard and key to overcoming addiction. Christine is now an Addictions Certified Counselor with over 4 years in active recovery. She is currently working towards becoming a National Certified Peer Recovery Support Specialist (NCPRSS). 


  • We are committed to the belief that addiction is a brain disease, not a moral failing.

  • We believe that Methadone, Buprenorphine, Vivitrol, and Naltrexone are safe and medically proven to treat Opioid Use Disorder when used in a controlled and well-organized program. 

  • We believe these medications are but a small part of the rehabilitation process of opioid addiction and the success of any Medication-Assisted Treatment program lies primarily within the strength of its counseling component.  

  • We are committed to treatment that embodies hope, respect, and care, because the level of respect the staff demonstrates toward the patient, balanced with respect for the structure and rules of the program, directly correlate to treatment success.

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