The clinic is open to the general public for services, including:

  • Employment drug screens (12-Panel | Fentanyl Panel | Lab Confirmations)

  • Drug and Alcohol Assessments needed for any reason, including probation.

  • General addiction counseling services.

  • Employer requested prescription verification.

Will being prescribed methadone affect a drug test required for a job?

Methadone will not result in a positive test for opiates such as morphine or heroin. The only way for a company or other organization to detect methadone is to test for it specifically, which is not a common practice. People who are participating in approved methadone maintenance programs are not abusing an illegal drug and have a valid prescription. In fact, methadone patients are covered under the Americans with Disabilities Act, which means that methadone use cannot be used to deny employment.


Will methadone affect my ability to drive a car?

The law does not prohibit methadone patients from operating motor vehicles or other forms of machinery. When taken as prescribed, methadone does not produce sedation or intoxication.