At The Genesis Center of Winder, no two patients are ever treated exactly the same. That is because no two recovery paths are ever the same. We recognize the unique strengths and weaknesses of each of our patients in order to develop a truly personal treatment plan from day one.

  • We provide regular and individual appointments to assess needs and to continue evaluating progress.

  • We offer monthly family group counseling sessions, as we understand that recovery is a family process. We also provide private family sessions as needed or upon request.

  • We recognize the importance of a 12-step program and offer the ability to attend 12-step meetings in our clinic, after regular hours.

  • We provide referrals to any appropriate community agencies to assist with job placement, housing, education, etc.

  • We provide full evaluations that specify goals, successes, struggles, and everything in between.

  • We provide regular community education classes to help our patients truly begin to put their lives back together. Some of the classes offered include GED preparation, interview skills development, nutrition/general fitness education classes, and community job fairs.